Camp Choson is a Korean culture camp designed for Korean Adoptees, Korean-American children, youth and their families.  Camp was originally started for Korean adoptees, but has grown to include Korean-Americans from all family backgrounds.  Camp Choson is held annually, typically over the Fourth of July week.  Resident Camp (grades 7-11) is six days, while Day Camp (K-6 grade) is five days.  Our current venue is Association Retreat Center, near Osceola, Wisconsin.  More details about camp and the activities included in camp can be found under the Overview section.



Camp Choson is governed and sponsored by the St. Croix Korean-American Cultural Society, a non-
profit, 501c-3 Corporation, whose Board is composed of all volunteers. The primary purposes of the
Corporation are: to administer and sponsor Camp Choson and post camp activities; to promote
parental involvement in the development of their children by providing opportunities for parent
education and participation within its operations; and to promulgate healthy, strong relationships with
other philosophically similar institutions.​   



Camp Choson exists for the purpose of offering Korean Adoptees, Korean-American youth, families and friends
opportunities to develop friendships, discover new skills, build respect for self, others, nature, and
gain an appreciation for Korean culture.




To provide a safe, fun and caring environment, which fosters lifelong friendships among the


To encourage parent participation, so that lessons learned at camp can be reinforced and
incorporated into daily life at home.

To be a place where Korean-American youth, family and friends can feel welcome to explore the
identity issues of race, culture and adoption.

To teach Korean culture.


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