Thank you for considering volunteering at Camp Choson 2018!  We have over 300 volunteer positions that are crucial to helping camp run smoothly.  Lets make this year the absolute best for our campers.  Sign up by clicking the link below. 

All counselors and volunteers age 18 and over must complete a background check form.

This form has its own mailing instructions different than the registration forms. Although a background check is only run once every three years, the form must be completed each year to comply with insurance requirements. This is required for all volunteers, instructors, counselors and staff.  

 Due by: May 31st

                               Camp Choson Counselor

Due by: April 15th


If you are interested in being a day camp counselor download, complete and email the application shown below.


If you are interested in being a resident camp counselor please download, print, complete and mail the form shown below.  Applicants must be age 19 or older.

                                                                 2019 Medical Forms

Directions for Camp Choson 2019 Medical Form

Day Camp Counselors under age 18 and Overnight Adult Participants/Volunteers must complete the Camp Choson Medical Form. The health history and medications are combined into a single form.  The form is a mostly fillable PDF, so you may type and save your information using Adobe Reader.  Please bring the completed and signed forms with you on the first day of Camp Choson for check in with Health Care Staff.


As a reminder, all medications brought to Camp Choson must be in their original containers and turned in to Camp Lakamaga Health Care Staff.  Campers with emergency medications such as an inhaler or Epi pen must have these checked by Camp Lakamaga Health Care Staff.  Day Campers will have these items carried by their counselors and returned to parents each afternoon as necessary.  Resident campers may carry these items themselves after they are checked by Camp Lakamaga Health Care Staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Becky Kiekhafer at

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